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John Lewis aka Saint AXL is an American recording artist and songwriter born in Honolulu, Hawaii. As the son of an African American father and a Caucasian mother, John has always had a unique perspective on life. This can be heard in his music. His influences cross the full spectrum of legendary artists from Queen to Prince. His lyrics hit the deepest core in all of us. Listening to his music is like taking a journey into his very soul, as he explores the pain and as well as the promise that any human being can relate to. John isn't afraid to speak his truth. 


In a past life, John was a former mixed martial arts champion and a veteran of multiple world-class fighting organizations including the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Battlecade Extreme Fighting, and Vale Tudo Japan. In addition to being one of the most respected mixed martial arts fighters in the game, today Lewis is renowned and admired for being one of the most famous martial artists in the world. 


His new album, "A Tear from Saint AXL" is an album relevant to the heart and soul of us all. Written during the struggles we are all facing in 2020, this music screams out to the people that you are not alone. It's a poem that needs to be heard. 


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