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In the rhythmic waves of Honolulu, Hawaii, John Lewis found the perfect harmony between song and soul. A sonic artist born from the echoes of legends like Queen and Prince, John's music transcends the ordinary, offering listeners a profound and intimate exploration into his very essence. His sound—a prolific fusion of melodies and insights—stretches beyond mere chords, reaching deep into the core of humanity.


A wordsmith wielding truth as his sword, John's lyrics resonate with honesty as piercing as it is beautiful. His songs are not merely expressions; they are reflections, capturing the pain, promise, and passion that any human heart can feel. John isn't just sharing a melody; he's inviting you on a journey through his soul, an odyssey where every note is a step deeper into what it means to be truly alive.


But the depth of John's artistry is wider than the world of music. The rhythm of combat has shaped him, too. In what might seem like a past life, John was a master of a different kind of harmony—the dance of battle. A former mixed martial arts champion and a veteran of world-class fighting organizations like the Ultimate Fighting Championship and Extreme Fighting, John Lewis stood as a titan in the ring.


This synergy between music and martial arts is what defines John as a unique creative force. In every punch and every lyric, you can feel the power of a man who knows the struggle, the fight, the love, and the loss. His songs are a testament to a life lived in full, brimming with experiences that enrich his craft.


John's art is not just a performance; it's a revelation. He sings with the soul of a poet and fights with the heart of a warrior. Whether through the gentle strum of a guitar or the fierce strike of a fist, John Lewis invites you to feel, to understand, to connect. Dive into his music, and you'll find more than a melody; you'll find a friend, a fighter, a human being unafraid to speak his truth.


Welcome to the world of John Lewis. Where every note is a story, and every song is a battle won.

Dream Another Dream
(Official Lyric Video)

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